Steven’s Place Night Club is a new place where you can hangout and rest from problems of everyday life. As any other night club Steven’s Place has rules you will have to follow if you want to get in and enjoy. I am free to share some information about this night club, but you will be able to see and hear more once Austin video production finishes videos they are working on. With all the things that go around about night clubs I hope that there will be no false news about Steven’s Place, because it is a sweet place to rest and enjoy in the fruits of nightlife.

neon-sign-night-club-blue-44729594As with any other club, Steven’s Place has bouncers that are big and scary looking. But that is job description so don’t hold it against them. If you are stopped from entering Steven’s Place by those bouncers that means you are not dressed well or you are not suited for that place. When it comes to dress code, you must follow nigh dress code which means that you should at least have some classy shirt and decent pants as well as shoes to enter.

Holly-Madison-at-Bazaar-570Don’t try to enter Steven’s Palace in large group of men. Nightclubs are looking for diversity in clientele, so stick with one or two friends max if you want a chance to enter. And remember to tell them what they need to wear in order to enter. If one of your friends isn’t following dress code you might end up out because of him. If you have some girl friends you should go with them. In general girls have good chance of entering nightclub without any hassle with bouncers, and they will not stop you if you are with a girl or two.

If you must, you can slip a bill or two to the bouncer when you approach him. But remember not to be arrogant and cocky, no one likes that, bouncers especially. Be calm, be classy and you will enter Steven’s Place.
Once you get in Steven’s Place you should behave. There are things you 1558467-623863214383452-4726601213917723216-n_54_990x660can’t do and things that will get you kicked out so learn to behave. First of all don’t try to touch dancers, which might earn you few slaps and kicks in the dark alley. They are there to work, and they won’t endure things like that. This no touch rule applies to girls that came there to enjoy the night.

Bartenders are more than often too busy to remember 6-7 drinks you have ordered for the whole crew. Order one drink and wait. The best thing is to introduce yourself to the bartender when he is not busy. And later you can call him by his name and you will get your drinks faster than usual. I hope you will spend some great time in Steven’s Place.

To tell you the truth, this time and age is not good for nightclubs. More and more laws are brought down on nightclubs and their owners, and thus many nightclubs went out of business. Main reason behind this is the barrage of news that mentions nightclubs in bad manner, even though nightclubs are totally different.