Starting a limo company sounds like something an average person can only dream. But the reality is different. You can start your business, and it won’t cost you more than 50 thousand dollars. The amount of money you will need to invest is even lower (five thousand) if you want to start a virtual company. After some talk with limo service expert in Minnesota, we decided to give you a short guide on starting a limo business.

Cover the basics

The first step in your quest to launch the company should cover all legal grounds. Once you have done that, you can shift your focus to other things. For example, you have to get insurance that covers the passengers and the car. Standard personal auto insurance doesn’t cover that. You will have to find a business auto policy and get their insurance, which will cost more than the regular one.

wedding-limo-service-33-300x161The website is the heart of your operations, no matter whether you run a virtual company or a real one. Clients will seek limo services over the internet, and that means your site needs to be easy to navigate, and it should also contain all relevant info about the renting. Don’t be afraid to invest a thousand or two into a website, because it represents the face of your company.

Next step is to get a toll-free number. This means the charge will be per minute so ask around for the best charging rates. Once you secure the number, you should print your credit cards. Spread them around big clubs and give them out to anyone who could require your service.

SA a virtual call center you won’t have to buy cars as you will only connect customers with limo companies. Those that start a real limo company will have purchase a car. The choice falls to either a black limousine or a white (or black) stretch limo. Black limousine is excellent for clients that work for corporate companies, and they just need a ride in your town. Stretch limos are perfect for special occasions like weddings or graduations. If you have enough money at the start, then you should be by one of each.south-florida-limo

Split your work between corporate transfers and special occasions

The base of your revenue should come from airport transfers. This won’t make you rich, but you will have a constant source of income. People will talk about the service you provide, and they will advertise you free of charge.

fotolia_12606668_xsSpecial occasions are the primary sources of profit. They don’t happen on regular basis, but once they do the margin for profit is huge. Good marketing will get you wedding arrangements as well as funeral service and graduations and proms. You shouldn’t refuse any of this work as it will bring in the cash.

Proms and graduations are especially fruitful in this line of business. They do have their bad side including drunk people and possible vomit and other liquids that may end up in your car.