Night clubs are certainly one of the most popular types of entertainment not only for the young, but for the middle-aged as well. Austin has plenty of night clubs where you can wind up after a busy work week, have lots of fun and pull an all nighter. Because night clubs are famous for wild partying, loud music and lots of alcohol, many people are not aware of the facts that even in night clubs there are certain behaviors which should be avoided. This is not only in
order to be pleasant to other visitors and the night club employees, but also to keep yourself safe.

Dress code – even though night clubs do not usually1497474_518501448264358_1406371753_n have a specific dress code, some basic rules should be respected. You should not come in sneakers and sweatpants or jeans, and if you do so, be ready for not being let inside. When it comes to night clubs, it is always better to come overdressed than underdressed.

Waiting in line – if you need to wait in line in front of the club, make sure never to cut the line. You should not hassle the bouncers or complain about how long you are waiting, because everyone else is in the same situation. It is generally acceptable to wait in line up to 15 minutes, and if you do not feel like waiting for longer time, it is fine to go somewhere else.

san francsico night clubOn the dancefloor – the main purpose of night clubs is dancing, and it is a great way of winding up and having a good time. Still, be mindful of the others and do not be rough. If you approach someone on the dancefloor and they are not interested, do not push it. Also, do not hold hands with friends while going through a crowd, but rather agree the meeting point once you get away from th dancefloor.

At the bar – you should not flag down a bartender, because he will certainly get to you. Avoid ordering drinks that come in a martini glass, because they are more suitable for sitting down since they spill easily. Avoid ordering complicated cocktails, because they take forever to be made, and there are plenty of other people waiting.Los-Angeles-Nightclub-Dress-Codes

In the modern era, most people take photos at night clubs and post them on social networks. It is inevitable, but try not to spend the night in taking photos and posing, especially in the bathroom or on the dancefloor, where you will be in other people’s way. Many night clubs hire photographers which will keep record of a fun night out, and many Austin video production companies even record the night club atmosphere for the sake of commercials or other purposes.

Even though you most likely come to a night club to drink and have fun, pay attention to your behavior and the amount of alcohol you take. It is not only unpleasant to see someone falling around the club, but it can also hinder your safety.Big League Tour